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Realizing Custom Lighting Dreams is our Business

Perfect ambiance cannot be purchased off the shelf– it must be exclusively crafted. Laspec works with hospitality designers to create one-of-a-kind lighting ensembles that uniquely and distinctively complement any project. With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing custom designs for hundreds of hotels, resorts, casinos, and commercial buildings worldwide, we have cultivated a refined passion for transforming designers’ visions into beautiful works of art that illuminate and inspire.

Bring us your concepts. Together we will fashion the finest fixtures and add the final touch that makes your project simply perfect.

Quality, Original, Custom Lighting. Laspec. Since 1984.

Custom Lighting Manufactured in the USA

You bring us your vision, and we will draft, engineer, and manufacture your hospitality lighting or other custom decorative lighting needs, all under one roof right here in our Los Angeles facility.

As hospitality designers and interior designers push the boundaries of art, design, and creating experiences, our engineering and manufacturing expertise is increasingly sought after to meet the needs of complex, cutting edge, uniquely individual projects.

With over three decades of experience, Laspec Lighting is your single source capable of creating hard-wired lighting fixtures for any project, regardless of size. Whether small ADA sconces or massive 40-foot grand ballroom chandeliers, we will realize your design dream, and ship anywhere across the globe.


Custom – really?

Each product is tailor made from scratch to our client’s detailed requirements regardless of size, material or complexity – really. Don’t believe it… try us!

What limitations are there?

Laspec Lighting is partnered with artisans, craftsmen and specialty suppliers that allow us to achieve what others deem impossible. And with full service drafting, engineering and manufacturing on site, we have the capability to bring any decorative lighting design to life.

If you can dream it – Laspec Lighting can make it.

Do you do custom metal, fabric and acrylic finishes?

Yes – your sample is matched and submitted for approval with confirmation of order.

Can UL listing be also used for international projects?

UL standards meet and exceed requirements of all industrial nations and is widely accepted.

Can you ship international projects?

Yes. Laspec Lighting can arrange shipment “door-to-door” to any destination in the world.

Do you provide job site installation support?

Yes. Per client’s request, a senior technician can be sent to the job site to support local installers with technical details. This additional technical service may only be needed for very large or complex projects.

Have any more questions or want something quoted? Email us at sales@laspec.com

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