Custom – really?

Each product is tailor made from scratch to client’s detailed requirements regardless of size, material or complexity – really.

What limitations are there?

Laspec lighting is aligned with artisans, craftsmen and specialty suppliers that has allowed us to achieve the impossible. With a full service design, engineering and manufacturing we have the capability to engineer and fabricate any custom lighting design. If you can dream it – Laspec Lighting can make it.

Do you do custom metal, fabric and acrylic finishes?

Yes – your sample is matched and submitted for approval with confirmation of order.

Can UL listing be also used for international projects?

UL standards meet and exceed requirements of all industrial nations and is widely accepted.

Can you ship international projects?

Yes. Laspec can arrange shipment “door-to-door” to any destination in the world.

Do you provide job site installation support?

Yes. Per customer’s request, a senior technician is sent to the job site to support local installers with technical details. This additional technical service may only be needed for very large or complex projects to ensure that service is economically viable for customer.