LASPEC Lights it Up for You

A journal on our favorite industry trends, custom lighting case studies, and fun news from our team.

June 3, 2021

Skip the Line, Skip the Tariffs, Skip the Headache. The Case for US Manufactured Lighting

Dealing with tariffs and customs paperwork, has always been a headache no designer or purchaser wants to deal with. Adding to that today, the increasingly long wait as cargo ships stall outside off ports around the US has made working manufacturers that fabricate abroad, even less appealing. But we’ve got solutions to help you navigate…

May 26, 2021

Crafting Ambience: Hand Applied Custom Finishes

What sets our hand-applied custom finishes apart? We’ll, besides our love for unique color blends and expert application, we can’t get enough of the added element of texture that comes with a majority of our LASPEC hand-applied finish options. Ask any designer, Interior Design is all about creating depth, layers of a story, and a…

May 21, 2021

Themed Destinations x Custom Lighting

What do travel consumers want post pandemic? More themed experiences, more outlandish design, more destinations that take them to a new world! And at LASPEC, we’ve been answering the call of design firms big and small, as they fulfill the objective of their hotels, themed, and entertainment clients. The hospitality industry is incredible when it…